Activity Feed

What is it?

The activity feed provides you with a history of all important actions that have taken place throughout ShulNET. There are two versions of the activity feed, the long feed and the live feed.

Long Feed

The long feed is available by clicking on the Activity Feed link within the sub-navigations of the administrative control panel’s homepage. On this page you will find a list of all recent activity logged by the program.

Live Feed

The live feed is an instant notification tool that alerts you in real-time as actions take place within the program. The live feed will appear in the bottom right hand corner as a “popup.” A “beep” sound will play whenever activity is detected.

What is Displayed in the Feed?

Activity is logged for all of the following tasks. Some other feed notices may be present for plugins and extensions. Note that employees will only see activity feed notices for public items or items owned by them.

  • Account created
  • Account updated
  • Email bounced
  • Campaign subscription
  • Campaign unsubscription
  • Contact assigned to staff
  • Contact converted
  • Contact created
  • Contact marked dead
  • Contact reopened
  • Contact updated by staff
  • Email opened
  • Event Registration
  • Invoice closed
  • Invoice created
  • Invoice payment
  • Invoice requested
  • Link clicked in email
  • Login
  • Logout
  • Member created
  • Member updated by staff
  • Member updated
  • Note added
  • Subscription canceled
  • Subscription changed
  • Subscription created
  • Subscription failed
  • Subscription renewed
  • Transaction
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