Payment Processors

While ShulNET can integrate with a number of payment processors, it is not itself a payment gateway. In order to use the billing features of ShulNET, you will need to have an active account with any of the payment processors listed on this page.

Setting Up a Processor

This article covers a list of all integrated solutions with the software. If you need information on setting your gateway within ShulNET, please select the gateway from the following list for more information. NOTE WELL: We really recommend a full stack gateway.

Supported Full Stack Processors


The “modern”, safest, cheapest and easiest way of accepting credit cards. A “full stack” payment processor is one where everything is handled by the provider, including securely storing cards and direct payouts to your bank account.


Gateway NameTokenizationCredit CardseChecksRefunds

Supported Merchant Accounts


These are a more professional way of accepting credit cards directly on your website, although barriers to entry may be steep and pricing can be much higher than full-stack options. Fees are unpredictable and vary with different transaction types.

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